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Start Your Attraction Marketing With These Tools



To save you the trouble of using lot’s and lot’s of time and resources on finding the best online tools, I invite you to have a peek inside my digital toolbox so that you can see which tools I use myself. I’ve tested many different tools and used a lot of time finding the right ones. So here you go, save yourself some time and have a peek.

#1 – Get a website

I use WordPress, which originally was a blogging platform. During the past few years, it has evolved more or less into a complete website system, typically referred to as a CMS solution (Content Management System). Even though companies like Sony Music, The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and Reuters uses WordPress, it’s relatively easy to use – even if you’re new. There is a lot of articles, and video tutorials on how to use WordPress since approximately twenty-five percent of the internet is using it.

WordPress is free to download and use, on your hosted website, like yourwebsite.com. You can download it here:

Get WordPress here →

#2 – Get a good host for your website

To run your site, you’ll need to buy a domain like yourwebsite.com, and you’ll need someplace to host it. Web sites are build of text, images, videos, etc. and they need to be stored on a physical server/computer. That’s why you need a hosting company. If you search for “web hosting” on the internet, you will find a lot of different options. So here is two things I’d recommend you to consider: Number one is whether the company is geared for hosting WordPress sites, number two is the speed of delivery since your visitors will drop away from your site if the connection/delivery is too slow.

That’s why I have chosen to use Traffic Planet as my hosting service since they deliver substantially on both these parameters.

Get your hosting here →

#3 – Get a conversion focused WordPress theme + toolbox

Website speed is such a critical factor, which is why you should treat yourself with a professional and efficient WordPress theme – in other words, pay a little for it.

You can find cool looking themes for free online, but chances are, professional coders do not necessarily make them. Not using professional coders means, you are taking the risk of running your website with a theme that might hurt your speed, your search engine traffic and your site overall – furthermore free themes is not always being updated simultaneously with WordPress, which is a security risk.

Therefore I have found a company who makes nothing less than sublime WordPress themes. On top of getting professional WordPress themes, you get access to a complete marketing toolbox, which I’d dare to say is almost invaluable. It includes a very smart page builder that enables you to create compelling landing pages, bridge pages, sales pages and so on.

You get to collect leads in some of the smartest ways possible, along with tools to convert your leads into sales. So if you want to get your hands on the same tool I use, get it here.

Get your professional theme + marketing tools here →

#4 – Get an email autoresponder

One of the most important steps, towards attracting a stream of new clients online is, to be able to automatically follow up with the visitors you get to your website. The way to do that is to use emails, more specific automated emails – and for this, you’ll need an autoresponder. Trying to find the perfect autoresponder will almost instantly give you a painful headache, since there are so many to choose from, and the speed with which they change and develop, is just crazy. So I’ll give you a little shortcut.

I won’t try to claim, that the one I use is the best in any way. What I will say though is, that it’s priced very fair, it has lots of cool features, and most importantly, in my opinion, it’s very easy to use. It’s, in other words, the one I happen to like.

Get Your email autoresponder here →

#5 – Get your work backed up automatically

Many people will probably say, that backing up is such a boring matter – and it is! Nevertheless, it’s necessary to have in place, and who would be better to take care of that, than the team behind WordPress themselves. I have bitterly experienced, why a reliable backup solution is an excellent investment; especially because it’s such a small investment.

I am a happy user of VaultPress, from WordPress, myself and would encourage you to get your backup in place as soon as possible – if you haven’t already.

Get Your WordPress backup here →

#6 – Get your website secured with a few clicks

I’ve been hacked a few times before, at the beginning of my online career and it’s certainly an unpleasant experience. Suddenly all my content was gone, and I wasn’t able to access my site.

To prevent this from happening again, I’ve started to use a free plugin called All In One WP Security. It’s kind of cool since it prevents hackers from gaining access to your website. I’ve not been hacked even once since I started to use it on my sites.

You’ll have to set it up after installing the plugin. So I’ve linked to this video setup guide you can watch, so you can make sure to set it up correctly.

Get Your security plugin here →


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