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How to attract people who genuinely want to buy from you

...even if nobody knows you online

Step #1

From the desk of Uffe Kirkegaard
Odense, Denmark 2019.

Dear Friend,

If you want to attract people who genuinely want to buy from you, then getting a membership in this Attraction Mastery Group will be the most powerful decision you make today... And I'd love to tell you why.

But first, a fair warning:

Becoming valuable and attractive in the eyes of your audience is not done overnight, it's a process that requires work.

You achieve this ability through a collection of skills plus an overall understanding of the inner workings of attraction marketing.

During our Skype sessions together, you will acquire the skills needed, along with a sound understanding of how to engineer attraction marketing into your specific business.

Anyways, again the reason why I'm giving you this warning is, it's a process that will take time and will take work.

If you are not up for that, this limited offer is not for you.

But let's go ahead and let me show you...

Exactly what you are getting:

I'll coach you, I'll advise you, and I'll help you reach your desired level of attraction. Even if nobody knows you online yet, and you don't feel like some fancy computer nerd.

I will personally be on Skype with you for 45 minutes twice every month, so you can learn how to attract people who genuinely want to buy from you, without you having to travel anywhere to build these skills.

But it’s about more than "just" learning the skills and understand the inner workings of attraction marketing.

The most significant benefit of becoming a member of the Attraction Mastery Group is not just learning the skills and understandings.

In reality, the most valuable benefit is, to have a dedicated person, which is me in this case, in your corner. A person who listens to your ideas and gives you feedback, point you in the right direction, help you manage your time and tasks, one who makes sure, you take the proper steps toward your goals.

With that said, let's take a look at...

Some of the things we will cover during the sessions:

  • How to get lots of attention online, even if nobody knows of you yet
  • Two very different ways to make people want to buy from you
  • Where to find new buyers
  • How to eliminate the need to chase people down trying to convince them to buy from you
  • What you should never do if you want to attract other people
  • What to do if you don't feel particularly attractive
  • When it's ok to use the friendly bait and hook technique
  • Why "telling someone not to buy from you" works
  • Say goodbye to the unpleasant part of selling
  • The truth about generating your own targeted traffic
  • You'll need to learn how to convince people to buy from you right? Wrong!

Yes, that's a lot of cool stuff, but it get's better because you will also learn...

  • How to establish a contact information capturing mechanism
  • How to do the irresistible buying proposition
  • How to use the profit-maximizing lineup to scale your profits
  • How to use micro commitments to attract and develop new buyers

But that's not all...

There is an exceptional bonus for you, who is a member of the Attraction Mastery Group

As a member in good standing, you will have access to all of my future online courses. From now on, every time I release a new course, you will automatically get access, on the house, so you don't have to pay a single dime!

My ability to be 1-on-1 on Skype, is naturally very limited, which means that the teaching will go to be based a lot more on online courses in the future.

But because you take advantage now in the early launch state, your membership will be locked with the option of having me helping you 1-on-1 on Skype, twice every month, even though you will have access to the future courses as well.

Here’s what to do next:

Click the button below to sign-up, lock your membership, and book your first session with me, so you can take the first powerful step to begin attracting people who genuinely want to buy from you.

If you are wondering whether this will work for you and your business, let me bring your mind to ease. There are two very specific techniques to use, to create irresistible attraction. One of those two will always be applicable - at least I have yet to see a business where that is not the case. But anyways, if I can't help you, you don't pay. It's that simple...

Are you doubting yourself and your abilities to learn the skills? Then these sessions are precisely for you. Personally, I had no idea I would be able to learn this stuff myself when I started. And one of the things which I value very high is, to teach you in a way that is surprisingly easy to follow.

Is the price too high? For some people, maybe. But my time is very valuable to me, and I believe yours is as well. To be able to attract people who genuinely want to buy from you, without having to spend lot's and lot's of hours searching the internet for information, and then test, test, test... and then a little more testing, is extremely valuable. So I'm very confident, that you will find that the time you save, the techniques you learn, and the results you get, is well worth the investment.

As I have already mentioned, this offer is extremely limited, since I can only have so many 1-on-1 clients. Therefore, lock your membership now and feel confident that you will also be able to attract buyers to your business.

Click the button below, and lock your membership right now...

P.S. If you have skipped directly to the bottom of this page (I know I sometimes do), let me summarize very quickly what you are getting.

I'll teach you how to attract people, who genuinely want to buy from you. I'll also help you create a specific strategy, and show you how to implement it into your business.

You'll have me personally on a 45-min. Skype call twice every month.

Plus you'll get free access to all my future online courses.

So go ahead, take the first powerful step toward being irresistibly attractive to your audience, and join the Attraction Mastery Group right now...

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