March 22

How To Pitch Like a Pro: Step By Step Formula




How to make the perfect sales pitch

“If you are going to pitch someone you might as well do it right!”

Sometimes, when we want to deliver a great pitch, either in a sales video or an email, it can be somewhat of a challenge to organize it and structure it in a simple and highly effective way.

We usually don’t have people’s attention for very long time, so we better use the attention wisely.

At the time 1h.10m he talks about the structure of which to use, when creating your pitch. It goes like this:

  • Big idea
  • How the world are changing
  • How we sit in that change
  • Why we are part of the new world order
  • What the problem is
  • What our solution is
  • How our solution works
  • What the value proposition is
  • What the return of the investment are for the buyer
  • What comes in the future
  • Who the team is



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