June 24

Attract New Clients Online – First step explained:



As you may know, I teach this 4 step process on how to attract new clients online… In this post I’ll explain the first and most simple step in that process:

#1 – Make your “thing” available online

Your “thing” is either your product or your service. Although it’s a simple step, it’s vital since you need someplace to send the clients you attract. It means that you need to have a website online. A site on which visitors can buy and pay for your thing – In other words, you need a sales page.

Put this on your sales page:

There are two specific elements you need on your sales page. First, a sales message explaining why the visitor should buy your thing, and secondly a buy-button. There is a lot of possible things to consider when creating an effective sales message, but in this post, I’ll keep it short. As a rule of thumb, you should only focus on making it clear to the visitor, what benefits they will have when they buy your thing. Kind of “What’s in it for them,” a before- and after state… In case you don’t already have a tool to quickly build sales pages and other pages, this is what I use and recommend.

Use your sales message to tell your visitors, what’s in it for them, and why they should buy from you…

The sales page exception

In some cases, a sales page is not the right choice. Let’s say your thing is a tailor made coaching program. Since the price will probably be variable, depending on the particular client’s needs, you can’t put it on a static sales page, since you don’t know the price yet. In such case, you should choose to use a booking page instead. A booking page is simply a page, where your visitor can book a personal meeting with you, or book a phone call or free strategy session, etc. In other words, some appointment that has a high chance of leading to a sale.

Put this on your booking page:

The elements you need on this page is almost identical to the ones you need on your sales page. Only, instead of a buy button, you need a “booking button.” To integrate a booking button, you can use an online appointment booking software. It can be something like this, or you can google “appointment software” and find the one that suit you best.

The sales message should still be along the same lines, although you are not selling your product in this message, you are “selling” the appointment. You will still need to give the visitor a really good reason why to book with you. Again remember this: what’s in it for them.

That is pretty much step one covered. As I said at the beginning of this post – this is a pretty simple step, but something you need to get done, if you want to attract new clients online


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Uffe Kirkegaard

I'm very passionate, almost fanatic, about learning and teaching the science of attraction marketing; and has been for a couple of years now. In case you want to learn as well, feel free to follow along...

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