Struggling to get attention online?​​​​​​

Attract your perfect audience utilizing the attraction triangle

Attract your perfect audience
utilizing the attraction triangle

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The dreaded problem

Well, you probably recognize how most people don't know how to get attention online on social media, even those who already have a great product.

As a result, they are not attracting an audience of potential buyers, to whom they can continually market themselves. It often makes them feel frustrated and sometimes even discouraged.

In the worst case, it will result in a declining self-image along with a strong sense of insecurity, since it feels like they are left out, while everybody around them seems to be able to attract attention online successfully.

It feels like nobody seems to care about them and their product, and it hurts since they know their product is excellent and that it can help a lot of people.

In other words, they struggle...

And how to fix it

Since I've faced this exact difficulty myself, I decided more than ten years ago, that I'd study this lovely concept called "attraction marketing" and find out precisely why some folks were effortlessly and naturally attracting massive tidal waves of traffic whenever they had something to offer - and why other people drew zip.

I first bumped into the thinking behind it, when I heart of "permission marketing" through Seth Godin - The idea to market only to those who permitted you to market to them, in exchange for relevant and high-quality marketing content).

This is what it does for you:


This is what to do next:


Selling a lot of sandwiches does not require the best or biggest sandwiches - all it requires is a hungry crowd...

Imagine having a starving crowd, hungry for your product - that's what the Attraction Triangle will do for you.

From the desk of Uffe Kirkegaard
Odense, Denmark 2019.

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