Build Your Perfect Audience

...using the Attraction Triangle and learn how to sell naturally applying the power of attraction marketing 

Uffe Kirkegaard AMG

Selling a lot of sandwiches does not require the best or biggest sandwiches - all it requires is a hungry crowd...

Imagine having a starving crowd, hungry for your product - that's what the Attraction Triangle will do for you.

From the desk of Uffe Kirkegaard
Odense, Denmark 2019.

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Big idea

"Selling a lot of sandwiches does not require having the best, biggest, or cheapest sandwich. The only requirement is simply to have a super hungry crowd..."

That's exactly what building your perfect audience is all about.

Imagine you had a big audience on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or any other social media channel. An audience build 

What would happen to your business, if you would be able to attract a laser targeted audience of people who you now are looking for the solution that you provide..? What would happen if you didn't have to convince, push or hard sell anybody in order to get new sales..?

How the world are changing

Time spent on social media has been exploded lately, which has impacted the way we can engage with potential customers. The ordinary marketing channels are not working as they used to, and new more advanced channels has emerged.

How we sit in that change

Whether we like it or not, these changes has already and will continue to take place. We can either ignore this, or we can utilize the new opportunities.

Why we are part of the new world order

If all the "good old" ways of marketing was still working fine, these changes was not something to worry so much about, but the fact that they are not, means that 

What the problem is

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What our solution is

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How our solution works

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What the value proposition is

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What the return of the investment are for the buyer

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What comes in the future

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Who the team is

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You don't know how to get attention online on social media. Therefore, You are not creating an audience of potential buyers, to whom You can continually market yourself. It makes You feel discouraged and sometimes even frustrated. In worst cases, it can result in a declining self-image along with a strong sense of insecurity, since it feels like You are left out, while everybody around You seems to be able to attract attention online successfully.