I'm Uffe Kirkegaard

Attraction. Marketing. Specialist. Geek

Yep that's me - Uffe Kirkegaard

I help people attract their perfect audience...

- Uffe Kirkegaard

Yep that's me - Uffe Kirkegaard

I help people attract their perfect audience...

- Uffe Kirkegaard

Back in 2006, I had started my own business. But like most new entrepreneurs, I was unskilled and unaware. I didn't know how to get new customers…

Or more specifically, I didn't know where to find them (which was a huge problem), so I began cold-calling people, trying to get new customers.

The cold-calls sure got me some results (although mediocre), but boy did I hate cold-calling.

Reaching out to people who had never asked me to call, never shown any interest in my product; all while using outdated and manipulative sales tactics.


Mildly put, it didn't resonate with me at all… and I realized I couldn't continue doing this staying true to myself.

...because what I wanted to do was to help people, not annoy them.

So on a sunny afternoon, after finishing one of those dreaded cold-calls, I decided to find an entirely new way to make sales - one I would be able to enjoy.

(And after a long period of intense research, I did…)

I discovered a unique type of marketing. One that resonates really well with people like me, who hates old, manipulative selling tactics, but loves authentic, natural sales...

In other words, I discovered attraction marketing.

So since that day, I have studied attraction marketing very intensely. Not only the theory or psychology behind it, or how to implement it effectively, but also how to teach it to other entrepreneurs as well.

And the reason was, I became unusually fascinated about it - to such a degree, I simply had to teach what I'd learned and share it with other people...

Recently, this led me to develop the Attraction Triangle methodology.

(A method which makes attraction marketing much simpler to understand and more straightforward to implement.)

But it also led me to create a private group... A group where I help people get attention online, so they can attract an audience of highly potential buyers.

It's called Attraction Mastery Group or AMG for short.

Besides that, I'm also running a Facebook page where I share this stuff. You are more than welcome to join the page if you'd like to enjoy my daily marketing updates.

I'm delighted you stopped by, and until we meet again, take care...

- Uffe Kirkegaard

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